A key element of what drives the chronic conditions many people suffer from today, stems from diet and lifestyle – too much stress, lack of time and/or support, insufficient diet, insufficient sleep, sedentary habits, inadequate or inappropriate movement and unregulated inner thinking. This invariably means, for many people, that it’s about changing habits and behaviours.

Perhaps you already know you’d like to change some aspects of these? This is where Functional Medicine Health Coaching and I come in. Changing your lifestyle and eating habits is often difficult and the environment around us makes it even harder to make those changes.

We know that information and strategies on their own do not work. It’s the implementation of it that makes the difference. But it can feel so overwhelming that you don’t even start, or maybe you do, only to give up after a little bit, because life has taken over again.

That is why Functional Medicine Health Coaching is growing quickly as a profession, and why many Functional Medicine practices, including medical doctors, are incorporating Functional Medicine Health Coaches as an integral part of their healthcare team.

Here’s Dr Kristi Hughes from the Institute of Functional Medicine talking about Functional Medicine and Functional Medicine Health Coaching –

A Functional Medicine Health Coach will help you to clarify your health goals and then find your own strategies and solutions, and also how to implement and integrate them into your life. In other words, coaching is not about giving you advice, but about helping you make the habitual and behavioural changes that are aligned with your own goals and your healthcare practitioner’s goals for you, so that they are sustainable for life. This is the reason why clients find that they get to an improved state of health and wellness faster and better than they could have on their own. Plus we make it enjoyable and fun.

  • How important is your health to you?
  • What have you been having to give up because you are functioning less optimally than you know you can?
  • What would you like to be different health-wise?
  • Would you like to regain your energy and mental acuity? To look and feel better once again, with fewer aches and pains?
  • Or perhaps it’s no more bloating or digestive issues and a radiance and vitality that you know is in there somewhere, but you’re just not sure where to begin.

If you’d like to get clear on exactly what it means for you to let your healthiest and happiest self come out to play, what’s stopping you from doing so and what your best next steps are, book your spot for an Over 40 / Turning 50 Reset Strategy Session – click here.