Organic? Grass-Fed? Confused?

Which of these are better for you? Organic or non-organic, grass-fed or grain-fed?

I was chatting with my Mum last week (we live 6,000 miles apart) and was rather pleasantly surprised when she said that she had been to the market with my sister-in-law and picked up a bunch of organic veg. My sister-in-law said, “Mum, did you mean to take that? It’s organic and more expensive.” And my Mum said, “Yes”!

I’d been telling her a few weeks before why I prefer to buy organic whenever I can. Did you know that the amount of nutrition in non-organic vegetables these days have dropped significantly because of the way that we are farming them? Intensive farming, soil depletion, lack of rotation or crops all contribute. Plus, have you ever noticed how many vegetables from your local supermarket can somehow still look “fresh” after a couple of weeks? What are they being sprayed with that they enables them to still look green after two weeks?

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Our bodies need good nutrition in order be healthy and to remain healthy. When we go on a diet, for example, many of us may think that a calorie is a calorie and that it doesn’t make any difference where that calorie comes from, as long as you eat the right number of calories that your body needs. But that is not true. A calorie is not a calorie, because the quality of the calorie counts. Eating food with little or no nutritional value, while packed with calories, will leave your body nutritionally starved.

This I know, first-hand, from many years of yo-yo dieting.

Ageing is the result of our cells not being sufficiently replenished. Think wrinkles, “thin” soles of the feet, dry skin, diminishing health and well being… what is it that causes our cells (bodies) to be insufficiently replenished? One of the major causes is not eating nutritious and wholesome foods. These foods are the raw material that our bodies use to get back what we’ve used up, not just in terms of calories or energy, but also, in terms of re-building itself. In other words, we can turn back the clock through eating real food, and so regenerate and rejuvenate our cells.

So, is it better to eat organic? Or grass-fed? Have a read of the infographic below and decide for yourself.


Does it mean that you should never eat non-organic or that you should never eat an empty calorie again? Well, I know that when I try to cut out my favourite foods and change too many things all at the same time, I fail dismally. So, instead, why not take just one step, and let that be that you actually start eating more, not less. Add in some real, wholesome and delicious foods to your current diet and notice the difference in taste. As your body starts to replenish and heal, you’ll most likely find that you’ll naturally start making different and more healthful food choices.

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