Could This Be the Reason You’re Lacking in Energy and Can’t Seem to Lose Weight?

I had to write to you today. You really have to read this article so that you are aware, and can then make an informed decision – for the sake of your health and if you have children, also theirs.

But first, did you know that more and more people are suffering from food sensitivities these days? Some of them may not even know it. They may not even recognise the symptoms, simply because they might think that those symptoms are normal, or something to be expected as you get older.

If you’ve ever had a morning when you’ve looked at your face in the mirror and wondered why you’re feeling tired and your eyes are puffy, even though you’ve had plenty of sleep the night before, or you’ve jumped on the scales and you’ve suddenly hiked up by a couple of pounds or more and you can’t think why, or perhaps you’ve just eaten and all of a sudden, your jeans or skirt feels horrendously uncomfortable because your belly’s bloated, then it’s possible that you’re sensitive to something you’ve eaten.

Food sensitivities are different to food allergies. With food allergies, you get an instant response, but with food sensitivities (also sometimes referred to as food intolerances), the symptoms take longer to appear. They may take several hours or even a day or two. Sometimes, and ironically, you may even crave the food to which you have a sensitivity! This is why people often do not realise that they have a food sensitivity and why keeping a food journal can be very helpful.

Besides the bloating and puffy eyes, other symptoms could be gas, brain fog, eczema, water retention, lack of energy and difficulty in losing weight. There are, of course, many different facets to the losing weight piece, and food sensitivity is just one of them, but it’s one that is worth looking into because you may be eating “stuff” that, if you knew, you wouldn’t choose to eat.

Which brings me to the article. The article is all about the food industry and how, for the sake of making foods more “tasty” (I say, “addictive” because that is part of their aim too, so we buy more), giving foods a longer shelf life and increasing profits, ingredients are being used on and put into our foods which aren’t necessarily good for us. In fact, many of them are toxins, which can build up over time. I know, for example, that if I ever inadvertently eat anything with either potassium benzoate or sodium benzoate in it, my belly bloats up, and the next morning, I’m puffy eyed and tired.

Although one can have a sensitivity to certain “real” foods, such as wheat, eggs, dairy or soy, for example, this problem is also often linked to the chemicals that are added to processed foods. Can you see now the potential reason for many more people suffering from food sensitivities these days?

If you eat more toxins than your body can handle, it will often store it in fat. This is one of the reasons why we often go through plateaus when losing weight and also why our bodies won’t let go of a whole chunk of weight in one go – because it if did, it knows that it would be unintendedly poisoning us. Clever body! But there is a potential sting in the tail because we now know that fat is metabolically active and increases inflammation in the body. We also now know that low-level chronic inflammation in the body can ultimately lead to many diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

I share this with you to enable you to be aware and, through that awareness, be in a better position of choice.

Here’s the article so you can read it for yourself – it’s scary because even what we would consider to be fresh foods are also now being affected and some of it doesn’t even need to be labelled or seemingly misleading if it is – Inside the food industry: the surprising truth about what you eat.

In our busy time-starved world, I do understand that buying and eating processed or ready-prepared foods is convenient and they’ve been made to taste good too. But, at what price for this convenience today? Plenty of inconvenience tomorrow when you suffer from a disease you don’t want?

If you take anything away from today, I hope it is this – that you will start eating more real, whole, nutritious and delicious foods that you prepare yourself, and eat a lot less of what can only be described as “edible products” rather than food. If you can also buy directly from a reputable farm, that will help too. Because your body deserves it and you deserve it. When you do, you’ll find yourself less tired and with more energy. You’ll start to lose those puffy eyes too. It’s possible to do so, I promise ☺ And it can make a big difference to your life. Will you give it a go?

Write and let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

Have a most wonderful day.

Much love.