Top 10 Tips For Well-Being – Part 2

Five more tips from the World Mental Health Day “I promise to eat breakfast every day” postcard on how to get into that feeling of well-being.

Of this second batch of the “Ten Tips for 10/10… To Help Maintain Mental Wellbeing,” #10 is my favourite. Most people – men and women alike, find this hard to do. Yet, when we don’t do it, we end up depriving not just ourselves but the other person too.

Here’s the postcard…



Now, your turn. Which one will you choose to implement? Come on over to the Facebook page and share with us today.

10 Tips For Well-Being – Part 1

While I was in Australia I came across this postcard, which said, “I promise to eat breakfast every day”. As you know, for most of us, eating breakfast (and the right breakfast) every day, especially within an hour of getting up, is one of the foundational principles I tell everyone about.

So, of course, I had to pick up the postcard. It had been done to celebrate World Mental Health Day, and shared “Ten Tips for 10/10… To Help Maintain Mental Wellbeing.”

Truth is, the tips are relevant to all of us, and will help not just our mental wellbeing, but also our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Today, I share the first 5 tips on the postcard. Listen up for #4, which is one of the quickest ways to get into a sense of wellbeing.

Now I’d love to hear from you. What ways do you use to get that feeling of well-being, that all is well? Come on over to our Facebook page and share.