Veronica is a coach and guide for those who are ready to make conscious change so they can be who they truly are and live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

A qualified chartered accountant, Veronica worked as Head of Financial and Regulatory Accounting in investment banking, before retraining to become an Executive Coach in 1998. She worked individually with high achieving managers and executives in organisations and SMEs for over a decade, supporting them to achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential. She also ran corporate trainings on coaching and leadership, as well as many seminars on The Power of Your Inner Thinking, and Millionaire Thinking for Women.

Through a series of synchronicities, Veronica and her partner ended up living on the Sunshine Coast in Australia for four years. It was here that she began to recognise what it truly meant to live more from her True Self, and started to teach The True Power of Your True Being workshops.

She became a Radio Presenter on local community radio, presenting "Veronica's Gems" and was invited to also present on a breakfast slot and also become a movie reviewer on ABC Radio. She was further invited and voted in as Vice President at the radio station. This was truly living a life filled with grace, ease and magic.

After her return to the UK, she was invited to a contract role, once again in investment banking, for several years. Afterwards, she started a five year BSc Honours degree in Nutritional Therapy and graduated with First Class Honours, something she is immensely proud of.

While doing her degree, she also graduated as the first Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach in the UK, and was invited to become a Coach Facilitator and Supervisor for the school.

But despite her achievements, she felt that something wasn’t working. The flow to life that she had enjoyed seemed to have stalled; she felt as if she was pushing against the flow. She felt that the harder she worked and tried to “make things happen”, the less they did. Life stopped feeling like an enjoyable journey and started feeling like a slog. For the first time, probably ever, she started to get Monday morning blues.

After much angst, she learnt to stop pushing, to get back in touch with her own brilliance, instead of constantly being driven by limited thinking, past conditioning and inner blocks. It's this experience that really brought home to her how so many of us have learnt to conform and follow other people’s cookie cutter strategies and tactics, only to meet resistance and frustration instead of flow.

Women started showing up, to work with her not only on their health through her nutrition practice, but also to work out the "missing pieces". The only way they knew to articulate this, was that they knew there was "something" or "a new chapter" ready to open up for them, but they didn't know what that was. And they wanted to be able to get clarity on it and to step into it with grace.

This is why Veronica now focuses on helping women, to expand their consciousness to follow their own heart and soul’s desire, to grow, and to live a life more satisfying.

The author of ABCs for Grown-Ups and DARE To Be Happy, Veronica has been regularly featured in both print and digital media over the years. She has spoken at many events, including the QS Women in Leadership Forums in Paris, Munich and Amsterdam, the Capital Women’s Forum, Executive PA Conference and Women in Banking & Finance.

She holds an MBA from the Open University and is an Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC), a graduate of both Corporate Coach University International and Coach University. She is also a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Coaching From Spirit Master Coach and the UK’s first Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

A Projector in Human Design, Veronica has an innate ability to hone in on the crux of what is going on for her clients, and has been a coach and guide for over 20 years.

"What happened yesterday, you cannot change
What happens today, you can only experience
What happens tomorrow, you have to create"
~ Sadhguru

Do you want to a life of more magic, ease & grace?