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Stressed? Then you have to read this

Sometimes I think that there must be some kind of “blanket” that envelopes us all. That can be the only explanation for how it can sometimes seem as if everyone is going through the same thing, all at the same time. This week, so many people I know seem to have had a tough time, be they […]

Hate exercise? I did

As I write to you, my legs feel like jelly. I have just finished a session with my personal trainer. It is the only way that works for me, to get the right kind of movement for me, at the right kind of level. But there was a time when I wouldn’t even have done […]

These two themes kept coming up

The summer holidays are over. Uni has started again and the new term has started, and the greatest news is I’m still loving all the lectures! 🙂 The last one, just before I left to catch the plane from London back to Malaysia, was on Female & Male Health. OK, admittedly, that doesn’t sound so […]

I don’t think they knew about phytonutrients

Jeff and I were sitting in one of our local eateries – Yeast in Mid-Valley, KL. A young couple were sitting next to us, having brunch. At the end of their meal, we noticed their plates – cleaned out completely, except for…..the vegetables. There, a pile that covered half their plate, the red radicchio, green […]

What a way to be reminded – self-care

I know. It’s been a while. It was late June, I was in the final throes of revision for my final Year 2 exams and it was all too much, and I stopped writing. Now I can hardly believe that two whole months and some have passed by. After an extraordinarily crazy month of May […]

How Adult Coloring Is Bringing Sexy Back

A number of years ago, when I first came to coaching, I decided that I would follow my own advice to clients and take art classes, not for any other reason than to have fun. I found a small group of friends who were also up for it, and then, for 8 Saturdays in a […]

Recipe: Chocolate Coconut Ice-Cream

Evidently it’s Chocolate Ice Cream Day today, June 7. Who knew? I certainly didn’t. Did you? And anyway, do you care? Haha! But I think it’s a good excuse to share a chocolate ice-cream recipe with you. I love this ice-cream because it’s so easy to make. Plus it’s healthy, because it contains protein, healthy […]