Human Design

Having first been introduced to Human Design in 2003, The Human Design System is one of the key tools that Veronica now uses in working with clients.

There are many layers to the Human Design System. But on the most fundamental yet most powerful level for about 80% of people, it provides a practical tool – a decision-making strategy - that shows you how to listen to your body wisdom to make decisions in alignment with who you uniquely are. This is the level at which Veronica works with her clients. Because this is where clients can experience the quickest and most profound results.

I'm a convert - to my own wisdom - now that I am learning to trust the difference

Jane C - Executive coach

Veronica introduced me to what she explained was my unique design and to the personal strategies I have honed over the years. I recognized most of them immediately and, when I reflected on them, decided most of them  hadn’t served me brilliantly. Not to mention that my natural responses might have been more fun to follow. 

The challenge, I thought, would be to identify which was which, DNA or learned response, except that this is Veronica’s gift. She confidently dissected them and delivered bite-sized opportunities for my own observation, change and experimentation – rather than giving me theory. It took two hour-long sessions in a sensitive, safe listening environment.

It’s only been a month, so my confidence is still building, but I’m a convert -- to my own wisdom -- now that I am learning to trust the difference.

This decision-making strategy can seem too “mechanistic” to some people when they first encounter Human Design, who often think that it’s lacking spiritual connection. Although this is how it appears, it is, in fact, a pathway to opening to spirit. Because, to truly apply it, one has to move beyond mind and egoic agenda, to practice surrender, both of which are key spiritual principles.

Those who stay open to experimenting with its application, discover that resistance begins to fall away, as they deepen their capacity to allow and step into the flow and joy of what life brings and the mystery of how life works. This brings with it a relaxed peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction, and often also amplifies results.

The Human Design Chart

Developed since the late 80s, the Human Design System synthesises ancient wisdom, including Western astrology, the chakra system, Kabbalah and the I’Ching, together with modern sciences (biology, quantum physics and biochemistry).

The Human Design Chart, also called a BodyGraph, is calculated using one’s birth date, time and place, to reveal their unique design of how energy flows to and through them.

The chart you see below is Veronica's. She is what is known as a "Projector".

Awareness of one’s Design and the ability to make decisions in alignment with who they are meant to be, can be profound. It can be the doorway to an amazing journey of self-discovery and personal transformation, facilitating self-acceptance and the experience of the magic and wonder of who they are, instead of living from old default programming and chasing who they are not.

Once I "got it", the clarity thing, I realised how powerful a tool this is.

Elizabeth - Consultant

Veronica, thanks, you are an amazing woman. Now I really know what having CLARITY means in making decisions. Just knowing yes or no as it were. It took me til that second session – working through the exercise with you and getting ‘clarity’ to get it.  It’s so powerful once it’s ingrained.  A bit like having your colours done.  When you go through the process and actually SEE which range of colours work for you, there’s no going back.  Once I ‘got it’ i.e. the clarity thing…I realised how powerful a tool this is.

Also, for me the decision making process.  I’ve been accused of being mercurial of mind before. It’s always been a concern. Knowing the way I process things soooo helped me have the confidence to hold off and digest things before jumping in. For example, a friend was pressurising me to make decisions on the spot and so on.  I was able to say "No… the way I work is...".  That was a massive help.  Once when I did ‘cave in’ and bought a mirror she said would be fab in my laundry and I wasn’t sure but I’d not made a decision on anything I’d come out to buy and felt the pressure and bought it.  I took it back and got a refund a week later!!!

Knowledge of Human Design has accelerated in recent years, having been empirically tested over this period, by thousands of individuals all over the world and proven to be consistently accurate and practical. Unfortunately, there are now also many websites that have diluted the original message. Hence, Veronica is highly mindful of where clients source their information and their charts.

If you don’t already have your own chart and are drawn to discovering your own unique Design, follow this link: Alternatively, you can also get your chart at (If you're ready to see if working together with Veronica is right for you both, she will get your chart for you; you'll be asked for the information she'll need when you apply).

"You see, all it takes is the readiness to take that journey, to disconnect from the madness of the not-self world and the not-self purposes, to rediscover the dignity of what it is to be you. It's a wonderful thing to love yourself. It truly is magic."
~ Ra Uru Hu, Founder of Human Design