How To Remove The Angst And Reach Your Well-Being & Weight Loss Goals

Have you ever been frustrated that it’s taking you longer than you’d like to “get there”? Maybe you’ve hit a weight loss plateau and things just aren’t budging despite your keeping on track. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times in the past I’ve thrown in the towel and given up, even binged, simply because it all seemed like, well, “What’s the point of carrying on if I’m not seeing any results?”

Those were the days, before I understood about the way our bodies work. And today in my Bikram yoga class, I was reminded of it.

When we accept how nature works, and our bodies too, then we can relax, let go of the angst and reach our goals – ironically, more smoothly and quickly than if when we try and force it.

More haste, less speed. Such is the paradox of life.

Will you relax a little and let go of the angst?