Awareness vs control

It’s an anathema to what we are. This is not about taking control. Being a nine-centered being is to understand there is no choice. It’s not about being in control, it’s about being aware. For the average human being, what does their mind do? It’s an everyday control mechanism. It’s an every moment control mechanism. It’s constantly trying to control things. It’s constantly trying to control its fate, its destiny. It’s trying to control the people around it. It’s trying to control its future. It’s trying to control its past. How the mind will lie, how it will steal, how it will trick, how it will do anything.

This is what the seven-centered being was all about. Everything has its place. I have no problem with the seven-centered being in their place, in the same way that I have no problem in studying chimpanzees in their place. And I can show my respect for what they are within the limitations of their environment and time. It’s not me. It’s not what I am. It’s not what we are. It has nothing to do with us. And unless we start from scratch we’re lost, because everything about the seven-centered being was homogenization. Control was homogenization.

How do you think those beings who strategically get to the top stay there? They spend all their time figuring out how to control those that are on the bottom. And nothing has changed in that. It’s still the same. Every single civilization on this planet is built on control mechanisms layer after layer after layer in hierarchies of control. And everybody is trying to figure out how to beat the game, stay with the game. This is the strategic world that we inherited from the seven-centered being. This is the world that says, “go get them, step on them climb over them. If not, they’re going to do it to you.” Dog eat dog. All that stuff.

That was a species. It was ruled by fear. It was an example of evolutionarily speaking the results of the first encounter with self-reflected consciousness. How easy it was for the mind to take over. Look at yourself. Isn’t it the only thing you count on? Isn’t it? It’s everything. It’s your existence. It’s how you frame everything. It became so seductive to the seven-centered being that as Lao Tzu said they destroyed the great harmony. Look at our world, the result of seven-centered strategic control mechanisms. So many billions of human beings that are suffering, unbelievable what this brings. And that they don’t just explode. How controlled it all is.

Put The Mind In Its Proper Place

It’s not just about controlling people. You don’t control people, you control their minds. You feed them what they need to control them. You control their minds. This is not who we are. We’re not here to be a slave to our minds. We’re here to put the mind in its proper place. Everything about the world that we live in, everything about the world that we see, all of it is just a by-product of the mind distorted, the not-self.

Think about any given situation in your life. Think about that moment something is in front of you. What do you do? You think, don’t you? And that thinking is supposed to get you to an answer, isn’t it? Isn’t that what you’re taught? Isn’t that the way it’s always been described? Isn’t that the great bullshit that you’ve swallowed hook, line and sinker, generation after generation after generation?

That’s what makes mechanics so incredible. It bypasses the mind. You don’t need your mind. You don’t need it to make a decision. You don’t. The only thing that is ever going to separate you from the great homogenized mass is if you can get away from the addiction and the propaganda that your mind is going to actually help you live a better life. It isn’t.

What the strategic said was, “Ah, don’t worry about this life, be a good person. You get to heaven or you get to the next life or get to whatever it is.” Always some kind of trap, always some kind of control, always and your mind gets addicted to it.

Think about the way in which our children are educated. They’re educated to be strategic, to think strategically, to focus strategically, and to write strategic exams. Think about half the children on this planet who are right and not left, and are they ever at a disadvantage. And do they ever feel uncomfortable. And are they so deeply conditioned from the beginning of their life because they’re always, always trying to be strategic because that’s supposedly the way you’re supposed to be. It’s not what we are.

The great sentiment that arose out of the seven-centered, I think it’s a joke myself, but I have a dark sense of humor. When you think about the seven-centered being and the mechanism of mind and its control and its distortion of everything, its savageness both to other species and to its own, and its great sentiment is: love they neighbor. Now, is that not funny?

Love Thyself

Human Design says: Love Thyself, please. Let’s start there. Everything about the seven-centered being was that the seven-centered being was profoundly homogenized through mind. Think about it. Think about these huge nations that we have today, enormous in populations all of whom get the same information at the same time, molded together in the same way. It’s incredible. It’s all control.

They bow down at the same time; they rise up at the same time. You say “jump,” they jump. How many young boys jump when somebody says, “go to war.” Jump. We are not these creatures. I’ve always had a name for the seven-centered being; my pejorative for the seven-centered being is killer monkey. I am not a killer monkey. It’s not their fault. Again, who’s to blame; it’s an evolutionary movie.

But if you don’t see it for what it is, if you don’t see that you’re not that, you’re lost. Like the vast majority of humanity who are playing out these killer monkey roles to the end; the lemmings going over the cliff. And it comes down to mind. It doesn’t come to anything else. There is no big secret here. There isn’t.

Making Decisions

It’s just about decision making. I’m always flabbergasted, no matter how profound the knowledge is, no matter where I can go, no matter what I can teach you, I always come back to the same thing because it’s the only place you can start, it’s the only catalyst.

If you don’t let go of your mind controlling your life you have nowhere to go. You’re just going to be another killer monkey in the circus because it will not help you. It will lie and it will cheat and it will fool you. It will bring you all kinds of pain and suffering. And you’ll be like everybody else. You can commiserate with everybody else, cry on everybody else’s shoulders. Go to the seven-centered propagandized, moralist, therapist and whatever and live out the trauma of what it is to be an ignorant creature.

The knowledge was placed here so there are those who do not have to have a life like that. And it’s not a great deal. It isn’t. The thing that I always find so startling is how simple it is and yet how difficult it appears to be for so many, because it is so simple. Your Strategy and Authority is everything. And it’s everything because it makes the decision, not your mind.

The moment your mind stops making decisions you actually get a life. You get your life. And you stop being a seven-centered imitation, something you’re not. You’re much more complex, much more profound as a being. We are very special. And we are very special because we are not a singularity. We’re not just that thing over there that’s left. We are a very complex, deeply complex combination of potentials of left-ness and right-ness in a whole new package because this is a new package.

– Ra Uru Hu

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