Dear Veronica, The world has changed for me over the last two years. You have coached, encouraged, listened cared, challenges and nurtured. You have provided the tools that enabled me to chart my way. You have shown me another world of consciousness, a different way to look at the workplace and a different way to look at life. Veronica, you do not have a magic wand but you do have a magic touch. You led me into a new world that is less stressful, more enlightened and full of opportunity. Thank you for the support and encouragement so far, the journey is far from over. Coaching with you is an investment that pays back in many ways and it was a life changing decision.


I loved working with Veronica. It was valuable and life changing. Wherever you are in your process, you will find it beneficial to move you closer to inner and outer richness.

Catherine S

I absolutely recommend and encourage coaching with Veronica, especially understanding the seamless connection between material, emotional and spiritual issues. You’ll need an open mind to benefit fully. It can be challenging at times and to get the most, it requires suspending previous assumptions.

Alison T

Veronica helps you see where you are stuck so you can see more specifically where the problem lies and how to resolve it.

Karen B

The road to getting there is actually great fun! I hadn’t dared to dream for years and put into practice such a daring dream. This has been the best investment I’ve made in 15 years. The return was there in such a short time.

Kirsten O

Do it. You’ll get personal insights and direction, more personal confidence and you’ll feel enlivened. The most valuable thing for me was getting past what had been stopping me from moving on and not reaching my peak.


Excellent insight, very positive, challenging, very rewarding and useful.

Simon L

Really made me think about my own personal happiness. I’m always trying to please everyone and never think about myself. I now realise I needed the support, love and understanding, like a guide book constantly reminding me.

Sally H

There are no limits – only in your mind! This has been of great value as a platform in life.

Tony L

Hi Veronica,

Being on your programme and working with yourself has been a life changing experience in many ways.
My body is awake again and I am fully benefitting from finding pleasure in the ways I have learnt to nourish and look after myself inside and out.
Our one to one work has taken me on journey of self discovery. Through your patience, knowledge and understanding I have been able to unlock areas of myself that have been holding me back from achieving what I wanted to achieve which is to be happy and content within myself and for that I am truly grateful .
Some of the most powerful changes I have seen within myself have come from the creative ways in which you work. Your guided visualizations still remain vivid in my mind’s eye and will serve as a reminder to me to stay on the path towards health and happiness.
You have been a true passionate professional to work with. Thank you for being part of my story.
Leanne xxxxx

PS I’m currently on holiday in Spain 😎. I’ve not had a migraine in 3 months which is a huge result so I’m continuing with all I’ve learnt so far and made sure that my luggage allowance has been able to accommodate my vitamin supplements lol and listening to my body in terms of everything else.



This has been invaluable. “Not having dreams is really the fear of not knowing how to achieve them”.

Bridget M

I come out of every session so excited and believing and trusting more in myself, and finding the best of me. I realise that I can fulfil my own needs and it doesn’t depend on others.

Diana W

This was a great catalyst and turning point for me. I feel such a sense of freedom.

Carolyn R

I’ve learnt a lot about myself. It’s been inspirational experience.

Carolyn L

Most women should work with Veronica! This has really impacted on my life and how I approach it.

Katy G

"The cave you most fear to enter contains the greatest treasure."
~ Joseph Campbell