I’ve been learning how to listen more deeply to my inner guidance and how this comes through the body rather than the mind.

I had the idea of going out for a walk in the middle of the day one day. An idea that had often occurred to me in the past, but my mind had always pushed away.

The illusion was always that I was too busy.

There was never time to do the things that brings more pleasure and lets the body just sigh with a, “this is nice”? The to-do list always came first and the to-do list was never done. How interesting too that the pleasurable stuff never made it to the to-do list either.

That day, I listened.

I went for a walk, with no agenda. No podcast playing in my ears “to make best use of my time”.

Along the path, I came across a feather.

A quiet thought came up.

My mind pushed it away… “Why pick up the feather? It’s just junk.”

Wait. It’s the quiet voice within, that whisper that’s silenced by your louder voice of mind.

I stopped and picked up the feather.

That simple act made me feel happy.

As I passed by the pond, the swans and their cygnets glided by. There, by my feet, a swan feather. I picked that up as well.

There was no reason for it whatsoever.

The mind always seems to want reasons.

I washed the feathers when I got home, and they sat on the kitchen worktop for a bit.

Then the day that the rubbish was being collected.

I looked at the feathers.

Again, that feeling of “happy, just is”.

I decided to place them on a side table with my rose quartz. So pretty.

Now every time I walk by and see them, they cause me to stop and to take a moment.

They bring me into the present. Into the now.

There it is.

Happy. Just is… in the now.

All is well.

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